Monday, 11 December 2006

GPP & My Training Plans

I've heard about GPP (General Physical Preparedness) a lot on websites like EliteFTS and T-Nation, two very good sites. I understand GPP to be a mix of cardio, weights and strongman.
I'm doing a bit of research using my new wiki about it, I'll post the routine I'll be doing eventually. I'm hoping it'll be a good change from the gym, I'm usually pretty mentally shattered after a few weeks of Westside, and it's a good chance to get a tan :)

So, for my general training plan for the next few months:

  • Now - 29th Dec = P/P/L
  • 30th Dec 06 - 2nd Jan 07 = Rest
  • 2nd Jan - 23/30 Jan = Westside
  • 23/30 Jan - Uni = GPP/Cardio/Football training
I'll fill this out on my Google Calendar soon so we can get a better look ;)

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