Tuesday, 13 February 2007

14 Feb - Strength

First Westside workout.

DB Bench

  1. 2 @ 40.1 x5
CG Bench
  1. 6 @ 70
  2. 6 @ 75 x2
45 Bent Over Row (Overhand)
  1. 4 @ 80
  2. 4 @ 85 x2
Front & Rear Raises
  1. 6 @ 11.5
Good workout.

Speed - 13 Feb

Speed workout.

Did jump running, lateral jumps and depth jumps (3 sets 8 reps).

Then did 50m/100m/50m/100m sprints.

Went well.

Speed - 9 Feb

Acceleration workout.

Started off with jump running, richochets and bounding, 4 sets of 8.

Then did 6 short sprints (standing, standing backward, jogging foward).

Sunday, 11 February 2007

My Strength Routine

Monday – Max Effort Bench Press

Max Effort Exercise – DB Bench 3-5 sets (90%)
Triceps – BB CG Bench (low inten, high vol) (3) 4-6
Upper Back – Bent Over BB Rows (overhand) (3) 3-5

Delts – Front + Rear Delt Raises (2) 4-6

Tuesday – Dynamic Squat/DL

Dynamic Squats (3 @ 50/55/60%)
Hamstrings (4) – RDL 2-4
Quads – front squats (3?) 3-5
Abs – hanging leg raises (4) 6-8

Thursday – Dynamic Effort Bench

Dynamic Bench Press (3 50/55/65%)
Triceps/Chest – Incline BB Bench (high intens, low vol) (4) 2-4
Shoulders – BB Overheads (high inte, low vol)) (4) 3-5
Lats/Upper Back – Pull Up (3) 2-4

Friday – Max Effort Squat/DL

Max Effort Exercise – Low Box Squats (3-5 sets 90%)
Hamstrings – Good mornings (4) 4-6
Low Back – Pin Pulls (3) 3-5
Abs – Woodchops??? (4) 6-8

I'm going to do this for three weeks. I'm also going to run once or twice a week, when I am up for it.


I've missed two workouts. I'm going to do my last speed workout on Monday, then go straight into a Westside on Tuesday.

I've finished work, just got to add up what I've ant and donate $3 for every $10 I make.

I'm doing work on my other blog, A GTD Journey, which will be my academic focus until Uni starts.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

6 Dumb Mistakes - Pylometrics

I was reading an article over at T-Nation, 6 Dumb Training Mistakes. It wasn't really a newbie sort of article, it was actually quite a good read. His last point was about pylometric training:

Use plyometric/shock training to provide for a needed boost in power production, not as a year-round system (e.g. perform a four week shock training block six weeks prior to an important event; stop two weeks before said event). And when you use it, don't let the amount of fatigue or soreness be your guide to adjusting training volume. Stick to 40-70 total ground contacts per week.
The important point I took from this article was the idea of not doing pylometric training during the season. Even thought football doesn't involve an extraordinary amount of jumping, it still wouldn't be wise to keep on doing it during the season.

Another one of the six mistakes was the idea of not addressing your weaknesses. Now for muscle groups this is rather obvious, both bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes all realise the importance of this.

The one thing that did strike me was the idea of capability weaknesses:
Just like with a lagging muscle group, a lagging physical capacity can wreck havoc on your athletic performance.
Now for a bodybuilder something like speed or endurance might not be vital, but for an athlete it is.

Saturday, 3 February 2007


So I've started to use Last.fm, a social music site. I've also added in my recently played tracks on the side bar of this blog, which I thought was a cool little gimmick.

I've just got the iTunes plugin for last/fm, using the official software. This means that only the songs I play with iTunes get scrobbled into last.fm, not the ones I play on my iPod. I did play around with a few third party programs to get my iPod plays scrobbled, but it didn't really work.

Anyway, here's my profile on last.fm, have a look and add me!

Friday, 2 February 2007

Speed - Friday 2nd Feb

Did 3 sets jump running, 3 sets lateral jumps, 3 sets bounding. Went well, really got the speed and height aspect down on the last two movements.

I then did sprints:

  1. 50m
  2. 100m
  3. 50m
  4. 80m
Went well, need to work on my acceleration, the form early in my sprint.