Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Two Things To Do & Two More Thoughts

I was reading an article over at T-Nation, 10 Things to Do...in the Gym, in the Kitchen, and in Your Head, and two of the things mentioned are ones I'm really keen to try.

One is a unilateral day, where all the moves are just using one limb basically. For me now is a great time to try it during my one gym day a week. I'm just about to go workout so I'll have some results in a short while.

The other was the snatch grip deadlift off a box, which I am keen to try. I'll probably fit this in my next strength routine after this speed one.

Another random thought I had today was about my speed workouts, maybe I'm doing too much volume. I'm all for intensity and a high volume, but since I'm sprinting twice a week I probably should do around half or a third of what I planned too on my speed days.

The final thing was regarding whether I can do some leg work in the gym. I'd like too, and I'm probably going to throw in a few dynamic squats, for both power and a bit of light recovery in the middle of the week. I won't be doing it tonight though; I'm still too sore.

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