Saturday, 20 January 2007

Bodywork for the Next Three Weeks

When outlining any course of action, the most important aspect to nail down is why you are doing it. What is the purpose of what you are doing?

For the next three week I'm going to be working on my speed. I'm going to do this three ways; sprints for co-ordination and conditioning, pylometrics for power and weights work for maximum strength.

So I've got my plan for the next three weeks (21 Jan - 11 Feb).

M - Spirnts (speed) & Pylometrics
W - Gym
F - Speed (accl) & Pylo

On Monday I'll probably run at the track, doing 200, 100 and 50m sprints, focusing on my top speed. Friday I'll focus on shorter sprints, just getting up to top speed as fast as possible.

Pylometrics will be the same routine of:

  • Jump Running (slow motion running focusing on height and distance)
  • Bounding (running and jumping over obstacles)
  • Ricochets (jumping from point to point in a box)
  • Lateral Jumps (jumping sidways over a box)
  • Depth Jumps (stepping off a box and exploding up)
I'm aiming for 15 sets of 8 reps.

My gym work will be the same routine I've been doing, except I'll be changing three exercises (one lower, one pull, one push) on each day into working up to a 1 rep max.

Looking further foward than those three weeks, I'll probably do a few weeks of hypertrophy work with a bit of endurance thrown in, then go all out endurance for a few weeks, then speed again.

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