Tuesday, 6 February 2007

6 Dumb Mistakes - Pylometrics

I was reading an article over at T-Nation, 6 Dumb Training Mistakes. It wasn't really a newbie sort of article, it was actually quite a good read. His last point was about pylometric training:

Use plyometric/shock training to provide for a needed boost in power production, not as a year-round system (e.g. perform a four week shock training block six weeks prior to an important event; stop two weeks before said event). And when you use it, don't let the amount of fatigue or soreness be your guide to adjusting training volume. Stick to 40-70 total ground contacts per week.
The important point I took from this article was the idea of not doing pylometric training during the season. Even thought football doesn't involve an extraordinary amount of jumping, it still wouldn't be wise to keep on doing it during the season.

Another one of the six mistakes was the idea of not addressing your weaknesses. Now for muscle groups this is rather obvious, both bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes all realise the importance of this.

The one thing that did strike me was the idea of capability weaknesses:
Just like with a lagging muscle group, a lagging physical capacity can wreck havoc on your athletic performance.
Now for a bodybuilder something like speed or endurance might not be vital, but for an athlete it is.

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